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Stunning Wedding Dress Trends to Inspire Your Choice

Each year, new wedding dress trends make their debut.

wedding dress

Brides turn to magazines, Pinterest boards, and social media outlets to discover what unique styles have presented themselves. From glitz and glam to slim silhouettes, you will discover a great deal of diversity when it comes to wedding dresses.

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Have you been exposed to some of the new wedding dress trends that have come about?

Here at Rose Petal Events, we believe that every bride deserves a stunning gown! That’s why we have gathered some of the new wedding dress trends to inspire you. To discover what these trends are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Feathers. Representing a social status, feathers have been around for decades. You can add a feminine touch to your gown with the weightless and whimsical appeal that feathers provide. In addition, their texture poses as the perfect embellishment for a dramatic appeal.
  • Capes. Are you more of edgy bride? If so, consider a cape as a great way to add some flair to your bridal style. In replace of a train, a cape is a creative choice for offering coverage and pizzazz in a unique way.
  • Deep V Necklines. You can take the plunge with a seductive deep V neckline among your gown. This sensual style will have you showcasing a slimmer frame as it elongates the upper body. There is no doubt you will turn heads with this stunning wedding dress trend.
  • Crop Tops. If you are seeking to showcase a powerful appearance for your walk down the aisle, a crop top wedding dress will allow you to do so. This two-piece wedding dress trend will have you highlighting a little skin, perfect for outdoor spring or summer weddings.

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A wedding dress is the most beautiful adornment for a bride! These are just a few trends to inspire your choice. Are you ready to hire your wedding planner in Los Angeles, California? If so, please get in touch with us here at Rose Petal Events. We would be honored to be your Los Angeles wedding planner.


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Choose the Best Shoes to Complement Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is such a big part of your big day!

wedding dress

You will be beautifully adorned within a gown that you carefully chose for such a special day. From slim silhouettes to elegant ballgowns, there are certainly many styles to choose from, all of which showcase their own, unique appeal.

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However, even if you have a stunning wedding dress, is it important to remember that other details will also create your ensemble, such as your shoes.

Here at Rose Petal Events, we believe that every wedding dress should be complemented by a stunning pair of shoes! That’s why we have gathered some tips to assist you in choosing yours. Are you interested in discovering what these tips are? If so, continue reading for some great insight:

  • Short Dresses. If you have chosen a short wedding dress or one that shows your shoes, you should consider showcasing powerful heels! This is a great opportunity for you to highlight your “something blue” and rock a bold hue for your big day. Or, you can choose a pair with unique, detailed elements, such as rhinestones or sparkles.
  • Mermaid Gowns. A mermaid wedding dress presents such an elegant appearance. The ideal heel to company such a unique gown would be one that showcases straps. Mermaid gowns will highlight your curves, providing you with the opportunity to represent a sexy strappy shoe, or even an embellished peep toe. These shoes would also be ideal for sheath or column gowns.
  • Consider Your Fabric and Setting. Choosing a gorgeous shoe could be an easy task. However, it is important that you keep other factors in mind. If you are marrying outdoors in the grass or among the sand, heels can be a treacherous choice. Or, if you have chosen a lace wedding dress or one with very delicate fabric, be mindful of choosing shoes with embellishments, as your gown could snag on them and rip.

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The right shoes will have your wedding ensemble looking beautifully complete! These are just a few tips to assist you in choosing yours. If you are also ready to choose your Los Angeles, California wedding planner, please contact us here at Rose Petal Events. We look forward to creating your big day as a wedding planner in Los Angeles.


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Make sure you know if you have chosen the wrong wedding dress

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As the bride, you want to look nothing less than flawless on your wedding day. After all, you only get married once, and, this is a day to celebrate love, marriage and true commitment. Therefore, it is only normal to want to look at your very best!

Seeing as there are millions of dresses and various styles for you to choose from, it can certainly take a lot of motivation for you to say yes to your dress, as you will surely want to make sure that it is “the one”. However, sometimes we can say yes too quickly, making for an unfortunate outcome, which is why Rose Petal Events has gathered to top tips to help you realize that you may have chosen the wrong dress for your big day, so be sure to continue reading for some knowledge:

  • You keep thinking about it. If your wedding dress is always on your mind, or even worse, you keep thinking of another wedding dress that you did not buy, it is most likely because you are not confident with the one that you purchased. In most cases, the dress you ended up with has imperfections and it simply does not feel right for you, or you may have details within the address dress that you prefer more, either way, it may be time to rethink your purchase.
  • It does not match your personality. Your wedding dress should fully embrace you, and not just in the literal way, but in the figurative one too. Your gown should stand for your unique sense of style and for your wedding’s story, so, if it feels as though your gown does not fit in the entire picture, it is probably not “the one”.
  • Purchased to please. From the fact that you were trying to make everyone else happy (but yourself) to the fact that you were too concerned with the budget, there are a million factors that may have made you choose a dress that is not 100% to your If this is the case, realize that your big day is a once in a lifetime event, and you should ensure that your dress is everything you have always dreamed that it would be.
  • You missed out on the moment. When you find the wedding dress that you know is “the one”, you will experience that special moment that fills your heart with joy and possibly your eyes with tears of happiness. If you tried on your dress and did not experience any butterflies of excitement, it may just be just another dress to you, and that is the last thing you want for your big day.

Planning a wedding is a big ordeal, especially when it comes to wanting to ensure that each and every aspect of it is planned to perfection. Here at Rose Petal Events, we pride ourselves in dedicating each and every ounce of our knowledge into your big day, so be sure to contact us today to schedule your consultation for your California wedding.