Tips to Assist You in Choosing a Wedding Color Scheme

Tips to Assist You in Choosing a Wedding Color Scheme

One of the first tasks to do as you begin planning your big day will be to choose a wedding color scheme.

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The colors you choose will be the staple for each element of your décor, and should be carefully utilized to create a beautiful, cohesive appearance.

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However, with so many hues that offer lovely color to the world, how do you go about choosing just a couple to be your wedding colors?

Here at Rose Petal Events, we believe that every wedding should showcase beautiful colors! That’s why we have gathered some tips to assist you in choosing your wedding color scheme. Would you like to discover what these tips are? If so, continue reading to gain some knowledge:

  • Consider the season. The season in which you plan to tie the knot can pose as wonderful inspiration for your wedding colors. If you plan to wed in Spring or Summer, consider vibrant colors or pastels, such as yellows or pinks. Or, if you are planning a Fall or Winter wedding, deep hues such as reds, greens, and creams, would be most fitting.
  • Consider the setting. Your wedding color scheme should complement the setting in which your wedding will take place. If you have chosen a venue that showcases an all-white appearance, choosing white as your color will cause all of your décor to blend together, which wouldn’t be ideal. You will want your décor to stand out, creating a pop of beautiful color throughout your space.
  • Consider the colors. There are so many beautiful colors in the world. So, we understand that it could be a difficult task to just choose a select few for your big day. When choosing your colors, it would be ideal to only choose two, as more colors could create a cluttered appearance. In addition, pairing lighter and darker colors will contrast one another beautifully.

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With the right colors, your wedding will surely showcase a beautiful appearance. These are just a few tips to assist you in choosing yours. If you are also ready to hire your Los Angeles, California wedding planner, please contact us here at Rose Petal Events. We would be grateful to be your wedding planner in Los Angeles.


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