Create your dessert table to represent your wedding theme


When you first begin planning your wedding, it is likely that you are going to set a theme. With so many themes too choose from, and so many creative possibilities attached to each, it is important to remember that your theme sets the pace for everything else. For a successful wedding, you can choose a theme that will help you accomplish the big day of your dreams.

From your flowers to your music, everything revolves around your wedding theme. Once you determine your theme, it is time to incorporate it into your overall wedding planning. Your dessert tables will greatly revolve around your theme and it pays to decorate it accordingly.

Here at Rose Petal Events, we love nothing more than to see wonderful couples experience the perfect wedding. Therefore, we have gathered to top tips to creating a dessert table to represent your wedding theme, so be sure to continue reading for some gorgeous inspiration:

  • Romantic and loving. Your entire day will be filled with romance, form your vows to your I do’s. If you chose to keep your wedding theme revolved around your shared romance, you can play on the love in the air, and possibly channel the romantic French theme, for a heart-felt appeal. This is your opportunity to make the most of those charming pink hues, and some darling bows. You can line your table with tasty cake pops, mini cupcakes, and the highly-desired macaroons. Play up the romantic appeal with gorgeous, tall, ornate stands. Your guests will certainly flock to your romantic dessert setup.
  • Modern and sophisticated. The modern style is taking over the world, from gorgeous architecture to home décor, you can see modern elements highlighting everyone. You can bring this fashionable style to your dessert table with beautiful neon colors, gold dessert stands and stunning crystal chandeliers. To really capture the modern style, you can arrange single serving dishes and create a luxurious appeal.
  • Rustic and elegant. The rustic style is a highly trendy theme, and for good reason too! You can find all your favorite items that portray this gorgeous style. Whether you want to incorporate sparkling white lights, cute, homemade signs, or adorable little chandeliers, you can bring the rustic element to your treat table in a gorgeous and appealing way.

As you create your dessert table, be unique, and know that it can reflect any theme you have chosen for your big day. Here at Rose Petal Events, we take great pride in planning the perfect weddings for our happy clients, so if you are ready to start planning your California big day, be sure to contact us today.