Wedding planning tips to be aware of as the bride


Congratulations on your engagement! It is now time to begin the wedding planning. When planning a wedding, you may be at a loss for inspiration, or, you may have far too much inspiration. Both can be equally troublesome. There are so many aspects to consider that will bring your big day together, but it’s all about knowing your limits and creating a gorgeous appearance.

From the vows you declare to the flowers that adorn your tables, there are so many elements that will create your wedding. But, how to do you know where to begin?

Here at Rose Petal Events, wedding planning is our specialty, and we are honored to guide couples in the right direction. That’s why we have gathered some great wedding tips that you should be aware of as you begin planning your big day. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to continue reading:

  • Inspiration. You may be inspired by wedding inspiration that floods the internet and magazines, and you may also have your own, personal inspiration as well. But, how do you combine the two to create the wedding of your dreams? It is important to not be overly ambitious. Take time to create an inspiration board to really grab ahold of what greatly appeals to you. Once you see everything that draws your eye in all together, you can now see what clashes and what doesn’t, allowing you to narrow down your options.
  • Rules. It is important to realize that this is your big day! Therefore, there are no rules when it comes to planning it. Go for what you love, and don’t let anyone cloud your judgement. If you want a male friend as your Maid of Honor, you certainly can. Or if you want to skip the ring bearer and have your dog walk down the aisle, go for it! While wedding etiquette makes itself very prominent it the bridal world, you can stray away from the traditions and create a wedding that personally reflects your interests.
  • Celebratory atmosphere. One key aspect to remember about your big day is that your guests should greatly enjoy it. While your ceremony is usually the most formal part of your day, the reception should be livened up. So, don’t forget the DJ or live band, consider incorporating some games, and don’t let a dull moment take over. Entertainment is important! And your guests will certainly thank you for a very festive day.

Every wedding takes time to plan, and should certainly be given careful consideration for success. Here at Rose Petal Events, it is our goal to create your big day to be the best of the best! If you are ready to begin planning your California wedding, be sure to contact us today.


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