Top tips on tipping your wedding vendors – Part 2

Rose Petal Events 09-12-16

The creation of your wedding is primarily based on your budget, as that will be the deciding factor as to how much you can and cannot spend on certain aspects of your big day. Seeing as your wedding budget is so important, you will want to ensure that each expense is included within it, and that nothing is left out, such as your wedding vendor tips.

Tipping is often considered a luxury, rather than an actual expense, but you should know that your wedding vendors deserve to receive tips just as much as your waitress does at a restaurant. However, know that tipping is never obligatory, but it should still be given thought, as your vendors have put so much effort into their services for your big day.

With so many wedding vendors that assist you in the creation of your wedding, it can become confusing to know how much to tip each one, as they each perform their own unique services. Luckily, Rose Petal Events has gathered some more of the top wedding vendors, and the amounts that you should tip them, so be sure to continue reading to gain some insight:

  • Caterer. Everyone loves food, and your wedding guests will certainly be pleased with the effort that your put forth to hiring a great caterer. Seeing as your catering most likely prepared all of your food as well as had it serviced, you should include a 20% tip for all of their services.
  • Honeymoon travel agent. After the big day, it is time to venture off on to your honeymoon, with thanks to your travel agent for preparing a getaway of your dreams. For your travel agent, consider a 10% tip for them helping to plan your travel arrangements.
  • Officiant. You can’t get married without an officiant, so they are certainly a large aspect of your wedding day. Your officiant should receive a gratitude of around $100 for joining you two together as one. However, if you choose to have a nondenominational officiant, not tip is needed.
  • Valet coat check/Powder room attendant. Your wedding guests have all joined together to celebrate your big day, so they should certainly be made to feel at home and comfortable during your festivities. Allowing your guests to check their coats and be assisted with toiletries is something you will want to offer, and for these services, tipping your vendor $0.50 - $1.00 per guest is satisfactory. Most importantly, be sure to tip ahead, so that you guests do not feel obligated to pay.

Planning a wedding is a big task, as there are many aspects that go into its creation. However, here at Rose Petal Events, wedding planning can be fun and easy, so be sure to contact us today to begin planning your California big day.