Top tips on tipping your wedding vendors – Part 1

Rose Petal Events 09-05-16 As you plan your wedding, you will encounter a lot of expenses, many of which will flow right within your allotted budget, however, know that there are some expenses that you should plan for that may not be often thought of, such as tips for your wedding vendors.

Although tips are never obligatory, they are expressions of your appreciation for the hard work that your wedding vendors have put into the creation of your big day. When you eat at a restaurant, you show your gratitude by tipping, and weddings are no different.

Each wedding vendor performs their own service within your big day, so it can certainly become confusing as to how much you should be tipping them. Here at Rose Petal Events, we want your wedding (and your budget) to be created with ease, which is why we have gathered the top wedding vendors and the amounts that you should tip them, so be sure to continue readings to gain some knowledge:

  • Wedding Cake Baker. Who doesn’t love a delicious wedding cake? Seeing as your baker has developed the perfect flavor, a scrumptious filling and a gorgeous design, you should tip them 10% - 15% for their services.
  • Weddings ceremony and reception musician or DJ. Entertainment is such an important aspect of your wedding day, and music will certainly be the highlight. Your musician will spend quite some time keeping your guests on the dance floor, so you should consider tipping each one of them $20.00 - $25.00, and if you have chosen to have a DJ, $50 - $100 is a suitable amount.
  • Florist driver. The décor of your wedding will make a statement within your venue, and flowers are among the top elements of décor, not to mention that they are what creates your lovely bouquets and boutonnieres. Each intricate detail of your flowers will be safely delivered to your venue by your florist’s driver, therefore a $10.00 - $20.00 tip would be a wonderful gesture.
  • Hair and makeup artist. Looking beautiful on your big day is of importance, as you want to shine as the Bride, and your hair and makeup artist will be the one who ensures that this happens. Getting dolled up however does take some time, so an appropriate tip would be 10% - 15%.
  • Rental deliveries. A lot goes into the creation of a wedding, and you most likely do not want to purchase each and every item for your big day, so you will surely be renting certain things, which will then need to be delivered. Depending on the difficulty of the delivery, consider tipping anywhere from $5.00 - $25.00.

Your wedding is your big day to shine, and you will want every aspect of it to be planned to perfection. Here at Rose Petal Events, it is our goal to create your big day to reflect all of your visions, in the easiest of ways, so be sure to contact us today and schedule your consultation for the creation of your California wedding.