Top tips for choosing your wedding reception site


Choosing the best wedding reception site is crucial for the success of your big day. This is not only the space that you will use for the wedding pictures, but the space where you will create some of the most amazing memories of your entire life.

From the dancing to the cake cutting ceremony, your wedding reception site will serve as the base for all of your festivities. However, choosing your location is no easy task. From finding a space that will comfortably fit all of your guests to ensuring that it will withstand the style you are seeking, there are certainly many aspects to consider.

Here at Rose Petal Events, we want your big day to be anything but ordinary. That is why we have gathered the top tips to assist you in choosing your wedding reception site with ease, so be sure to take a look to learn more:

  • Research. Don’t leave home without doing your research. You may not know with exactness how many people will attend your wedding, but a general idea of what this number may be will help you choose a venue that’s just large enough to accommodate everyone. Remember! A small wedding and a large wedding venue will be just as unfortunate as a large wedding and a small venue!
  • Contract. The last thing you will want to do is sign a contract before you actually know what’s on it. Triple-check it to make sure you understand all of the elements within it, and be sure to always ask questions whenever you have them. From the number of hours you will spend at the venue to the services included in the packages, you should know everything that creates your contract.
  • Appeal. Of course, your reception site should be in line with your wedding style too. In general, hotel ballrooms and golf courses are perfect for traditional weddings, while parks, gardens and countryside farms are ideal for weddings that are more relaxed. At the same time, unconventional spaces, such as industrial loft spaces, museums and vineyards, can also be excellent for modern, chic weddings.

The details of your wedding will of course be a beautiful way to bring out your theme, but overall, the reception site you choose will be what ties all of the elements together. Here at Rose Petal Events, we strive to make sure that your big day is planned to absolute perfection! If you are ready to plan your California wedding, be sure to contact us today.