wedding styles

Wedding Styles to Inspire Your Big Day

wedding styles

Many wedding styles are showcased throughout the world. You certainly will not be at a loss for inspiration when planning your big day. From rustic to modern, you can choose details to comprise your wedding to represent your personal interests, allowing you to represent a unique style that is all your own.

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With so many wedding styles available to choose from, are you aware of which one would best complement the vision that you have for your big day?

If you are at a loss as to what wedding styles are currently popular, you are in luck! Rose Petal Events has gathered some of the top styles to assist you in choosing yours. If you are interested in discovering some inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

  • Rustic beauty. For years, rustic weddings have been popular, and they continue to still be today. Everyone can enjoy the look of the country, presented in an elegant way. For your rustic wedding, you can utilize elements such as mason jars and woodsy details, such as wooden rounds or crates. Also, the rustic wedding style pairs well with flowers such as sunflowers, wildflowers, and baby’s breath.
  • Modern glam. If you prefer a more modern appearance, you can showcase some sleek glam throughout your event. Clean-cut and symmetrical elements of décor are ideal. Choose tall, clear vases to reflect extravagance among your tables. To adorn your centerpieces, consider flowers such as roses and hydrangeas.
  • Vintage elegance. The appearance of the past presents such beauty. For a more elegant approach for your wedding style, consider incorporating tea pots to place your flowers within, antique furniture, and details that highlight elements of silver and gold, such as throughout your serving ware. In addition, consider choosing roses as your flowers, as they are a truly timeless and classic bloom.
  • Romantic. Your wedding day is a day full of love! It will be the event within your life where you vow your love to your partner, and should be incredibly intimate. To reflect romance throughout your big day, choose colors such as pinks, reds, and whites, as they are the hues of love. Also, roses should certainly be utilized, as they are the most intricate and loving bloom. In addition, adding candles to your tables will create a romantic and inviting ambience that your guests will certainly enjoy.

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Choosing the right style for your wedding will help to showcase your personal interests. These are just a few wedding styles that you can choose from. If you are ready to begin planning your Los Angeles, California wedding, please feel free to contact us here at Rose Petal Events. As a wedding planner in Los Angeles, we look forward to creating your big day!


Photo Source: - Kenny Louie