Do not forget to make these beauty appointments before the big day

rose-petal-events-01-02-17 Planning a wedding is a difficult task, from booking multiple vendors to planning every aspect of your big day, right down to the final detail. It takes about a year to adequately plan a wedding. You will not only take into consideration what is best for you and your fiancé, but also what your guests will enjoy and how to appease everyone.

With all the stress bearing down upon you, it is vital that you take time for yourself. Booking beauty appointments before your big day not only prepares you to be the center of attention, but also helps you find your center before your wedding day.

Here at Rose Petal Events, we understand your needs as a bride. That’s why we have put together a few beauty appointments you should not forget to make before your big day. If you are planning your own wedding, be sure to keep reading to discover more:

  • Makeup trial. When you want something to be perfect, you practice as much as possible. This is especially true for your wedding makeup. You can have your heart set on one makeup style, but if your stylist doesn’t get the chance to try it out at least once, it’s not likely going to look as you imagined it would. Also, what if your makeup is applied and it doesn’t make your heart flutter as the inspiration for it did? You will want time to tweak your style or find a whole new one.
  • Dentist. Those pearly whites will surely make their appearance for most of the day. A quick clean and a few whitening sessions will do your smile good, especially if you haven’t made it to the dentist due to being buried in wedding planning. With all the lovely photos that will be taken on your big day, the last thing you will want is a yellow smile putting a damper on your photo collection.
  • Manicure and Pedicure. You may not realize how often your hands will be featured within your big day. The moment you grab your bridal bouquet your hands are being featured. You will also have your partner sliding your wedding ring upon your finger, which is sure to show up in your wedding album, and not to mention your cake cutting ceremony. A manicure is a great way to ensure that your nails are polished for such a special occasion. Also, take into consideration your wedding shoes. If you are rocking open-toed shoes, it could be beneficial to invest in a pedicure too.

Yes, you have a lot on your plate due to planning such a big and important event. That’s still no excuse to let yourself go without pampering before your big day. Here at Rose Petal Events, we want to help you create the perfect wedding to start your marriage off the right way. If you are interested in starting your own California wedding planning, be sure to contact us today.


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