Wedding Roles for Your Dog

Wedding Roles for Your Dog

wedding roles for your dog

As you consider the members who will comprise your wedding party, know that there are wedding roles for your dog as well, as a way to include them within your big day. After all, your dog is an important part of your life, and should be present for such an important day.

If your pet is well-behaved, you may be curious as to what weddings roles for your dog are available.

Being able to inspire weddings is such a great honor as a wedding planner. That’s why, here at Rose Petal Events, we have gathered some wedding roles for your dog, so that you can include them within your big day. If you are curious as to what these roles are, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • “Dog of Honor” or “Best Dog”. Your dog is such an important part of your life, you may even consider them to be your best friend. You most likely spend a great deal of time with your furry friend, and would be honored if they stood beside you on such a special day. Consider the role of “Dog of Honor” of “Best Dog” for your pup. Choose a dashing doggy tuxedo, accompanied by a bow tie, or a whimsical tutu dress, to complete the look of the role for your dog.
  • “Flower pup”. You most likely have chosen an adorable flower girl for your big day. To accompany her, consider providing your dog with the role of “flower pup”. Create a leash that is adorned with flowers, to add some beauty to their walk down the aisle. Also, a floral crown would be a lovely accent as well, along with a floral collar.
  • “Ring pup”. The presentation of your wedding rings on your big day is certainly important. After all, your rings are what symbolizes your marriage. Consider having your “ring pup” walk alongside your ring bearer. In addition, you can have the rings tied to your dog’s collar, so that they can fulfill their role.

With your furry friend being such a big part of your life, you will certainly want them to be present for your big day. These are just a few of the creative wedding roles for your dog. If you are ready to begin planning your big day with a Los Angeles, California wedding planner, please feel free to contact us today. Rose Petal Events is ready to create your Los Angeles wedding.


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