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How to Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy on Your Big Day

As you plan your big day, not only will you want to be happy, but ensure that your wedding guests are as well.

wedding guestsYou will develop a scrumptious menu, offer adorable favors, and of course, great entertainment. However, will that be enough to provide your guests with happiness?

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There are actually some little details that you can incorporate into your big day to ensure that you keep your wedding guests happy, are you aware of what they are?

Here at Rose Petal Events, we believe that every wedding deserves to be one to remember. That’s why we have gathered some ways in which you can keep your wedding guests happy. If you would like to learn what these ways are, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • No more dead cellphones. In today’s world, we all have cellphones. Most likely, you are connected to your cellphone for the majority of the day, and you can expect your wedding guests to be as well. Capturing photos and videos of the fun they are experiencing at your wedding will be a must. However, what happens if their phones die? To keep your wedding guests happy, consider creating phone charging stations, equipped with both Android and iPhone chargers, so no moment will have to go uncaptured.
  • Who doesn’t love a great drink? You may be serving alcohol at your wedding, but are you sure that what you will be offering will be liked by your guests? An open bar is a great way to ensure that each guest can get a drink that they prefer. Not only will your wedding guests enjoy your open bar, but the drinks will loosen them up for the dance floor!
  • Make sure the temperature is just right. There is nothing worse than being within a space that is either too hot or too cold. It is important to make sure that your venue is at just the right temperature. If you are having an outdoor wedding, consider heating lamps in the Winter or Fans in the Summer. A comfortable environment will create a pleasant experience.

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The happiness of your wedding guests is important! These are just a few tips to assist you in planning your big day. Are you ready to hire your Los Angeles, California wedding planner? If so, please contact us here at Rose Petal Events. We are ready to begin planning your Los Angeles wedding.



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Creative Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids


Your bridesmaids are certainly lucky ladies! You have chosen the most important women in your life to stand beside you as you tie the knot. Therefore, your bridesmaids are comprised of your closest friends and family members.

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Since your bridesmaids are so important to you, certainly you would like the opportunity to ask them to stand beside you as you vow your love to your partner in a unique way.

We love the opportunity to inspire each and every aspect of a couple’s wedding planning. That’s why, here at Rose Petal Events, we have gathered some creative ways in which you can propose to your bridesmaids. If you are interested in learning what these ways are, be sure to continue reading for some inspiration:

  • Personalized wine. For those ladies who like a tasty glass of relaxing wine every now and again, you can present a personalized bottle as a way to ask them to be your bridesmaid. Discover their favorite brand of wine, whether it be white or red, and adorn it with a label that you can have uniquely created. For the label, consider a fun saying, such as “If you would like to be my bridesmaid, you may need a glass of wine!”.
  • Lovely photos. You can ask your ladies to be bridesmaids in a more sentimental way. Surely, if you are great friends, you must have some lovely photos together. Find the best photo of you and your lady, and place it within a beautiful frame. Among the frame, get creative! Adorn it with trinkets or stickers that are personal to you and the relationship you share with your lady. In addition, don’t forget the question of “Will you be my bridesmaid?” among it.
  • Tasty treats. Everyone loves a sweet treat! Bake up a batch of sugar cookies in the shape of wedding dresses or rings, and write “Will you be my bridesmaid?” among them in frosting. Not only will they receive a scrumptious treat to enjoy, but they will be surprised with the time you took to propose to them in such a unique way.

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With your ladies being such important people in your life, you certainly should ask them to join you on your wedding day in a unique way! These are just a few of the creative ways in which you can propose to your bridesmaids. If you are ready to hire your Los Angeles wedding planner, please get in touch with us here at Rose Petal Events. We look forward to planning your Los Angeles, California wedding.


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Wedding Styles to Inspire Your Big Day

wedding styles

Many wedding styles are showcased throughout the world. You certainly will not be at a loss for inspiration when planning your big day. From rustic to modern, you can choose details to comprise your wedding to represent your personal interests, allowing you to represent a unique style that is all your own.

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With so many wedding styles available to choose from, are you aware of which one would best complement the vision that you have for your big day?

If you are at a loss as to what wedding styles are currently popular, you are in luck! Rose Petal Events has gathered some of the top styles to assist you in choosing yours. If you are interested in discovering some inspiration, be sure to continue reading:

  • Rustic beauty. For years, rustic weddings have been popular, and they continue to still be today. Everyone can enjoy the look of the country, presented in an elegant way. For your rustic wedding, you can utilize elements such as mason jars and woodsy details, such as wooden rounds or crates. Also, the rustic wedding style pairs well with flowers such as sunflowers, wildflowers, and baby’s breath.
  • Modern glam. If you prefer a more modern appearance, you can showcase some sleek glam throughout your event. Clean-cut and symmetrical elements of décor are ideal. Choose tall, clear vases to reflect extravagance among your tables. To adorn your centerpieces, consider flowers such as roses and hydrangeas.
  • Vintage elegance. The appearance of the past presents such beauty. For a more elegant approach for your wedding style, consider incorporating tea pots to place your flowers within, antique furniture, and details that highlight elements of silver and gold, such as throughout your serving ware. In addition, consider choosing roses as your flowers, as they are a truly timeless and classic bloom.
  • Romantic. Your wedding day is a day full of love! It will be the event within your life where you vow your love to your partner, and should be incredibly intimate. To reflect romance throughout your big day, choose colors such as pinks, reds, and whites, as they are the hues of love. Also, roses should certainly be utilized, as they are the most intricate and loving bloom. In addition, adding candles to your tables will create a romantic and inviting ambience that your guests will certainly enjoy.

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Choosing the right style for your wedding will help to showcase your personal interests. These are just a few wedding styles that you can choose from. If you are ready to begin planning your Los Angeles, California wedding, please feel free to contact us here at Rose Petal Events. As a wedding planner in Los Angeles, we look forward to creating your big day!


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Nautical Wedding Inspiration for Your Big Day

nautical wedding

With Summer quickly approaching, you may be seeking to create a nautical wedding. The blue ocean and white sand showcases a stunning appearance within the world, and you can utilize these elements to develop your big day.

From navy blue and details of the sea, such as anchors and seashells, you have the opportunity to get creative with your nautical wedding décor.

We understand what it takes to create a stunning appearance within a wedding. That’s why, here at Rose Petal Events, we have gathered some inspiration for your nautical wedding. If you are interested in discovering more, be sure to continue reading:

  • Nautical colors. First off, you will want to develop a color palette for your wedding, as it will be what sets the stage for each element of your décor. For your nautical wedding, consider choosing navy blue and white, as it is a pairing that will reflect the sea. If, however, you would like to incorporate an additional color, for some vibrancy, consider choosing coral, as the combination of the three will create an elegant appearance.
  • Nautical décor. To represent your nautical theme to the fullest, you will want to showcase the right elements of décor. Choose anchors, sailboats, or even a captain’s wheel, to present a bold appearance throughout your space. In addition, you can incorporate driftwood, fisherman’s nets, rope, and candles, to tie each detail together beautifully.
  • Nautical flowers. For your flowers, you will want them to tie into your theme and color scheme. Opt for hydrangeas, as they represent a beautiful shade of white as well as a lovely hue of blue. Also, white roses will never fail! To add a dash of pizzazz to your arrangements, utilize anemones, as they are a stunning little bloom.

The theme you choose for your wedding should be showcased throughout each element and every element of your decor! These are just a few ways in which you can develop your nautical wedding. If you are ready to begin planning your Los Angeles wedding, please feel free to get in touch with Rose Petal Events today. As a Los Angeles, California wedding planner, we are ready to bring your big day to life.


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Isaac & Javier's Romantic California Wedding Planned by Rose Petal Events

Marriage is such a huge step in life, especially when it comes to planning a romantic California wedding.


Only after finding your soul mate, will you likely move forward and tie your love together through marriage. After all, once you have found your true love, you will surely want to spend the rest of your life with them. Last October, Rose Petal Events had the honor of planning an incredible wedding for Isaac and Javier, which was photographed by Jose Alvarado.

On October 8th, seventy of Isaac and Javier’s closest loved ones gathered to watch them join each other in marriage within their romantic California wedding. With a beautiful ceremony and amorous reception, Isaac and Javier’s wedding was quite the romantic event.

Here at Rose Petal Events, we believe that every couple should have their perfect wedding. That’s why we have put together a few highlights of Isaac and Javier’s romantic nuptials. If you are in search of your own wedding inspiration, be sure to keep reading to discover more:


  • Gorgeous gazebo ceremony. A gazebo serves as a charming setting for many events, such as a first kiss, a proposal, and especially a couple vowing to love each other forever. Officiated by Randy Ceselsky, Isaac and Javier hosted their ceremony in a lovely, white gazebo set upon a brick foundation. This couple added their own décor to the gazebo with delightful blue, silver, and white paper lanterns and balloons. It certainly was a splendid setting for their ceremony.


  • Elegant Reception. After the inspiring ceremony, it was time to celebrate the couple’s nuptials with an exciting reception, where DJ Ricky Lorek, from RCL Entertainment, kept the party going all night long. Isaac and Javier’s reception continued with the silver, blue, and white color palette. Featuring white linens and silver chairs, this couple created little pops of blue throughout their venue, using napkins and centerpieces. Bringing a rustic element to their tables, Isaac and Javier also featured delicate, blue lanterns atop a wooden stand, as well as a small collection of white flora. Their reception certainly did not disappoint.



  • Delicious Elements. For the guests, perhaps one of the most anticipated ceremonies is the cake cutting. Who doesn’t love to embrace their sweet tooth at wedding? Isaac and Javier’s cake was a delectable display of white, with vibrant blue ribbon and a custom wedding cake topper. The delicious elements didn’t stop there. For a bubbly and tasty champagne toast, the couple made use of intricate champagne flutes with dazzling stems. It was a wonderful cake ceremony for all to enjoy.


Here at Rose Petal Events, we had a wonderful time planning this romantic California wedding for Isaac and Javier. It was truly a magnificent day! If you are planning your own wedding, and in search of a Los Angeles wedding planner, please contact us today.

A Gorgeous Burbank, California Wedding Planned By Rose Petal Events At The Castaways!

A gorgeous Burbank, California wedding is a wonderful way to tie the knot!


Surrounded by your closest friends and family, you will join your partner in marriage. Here at Rose Petal Events, we recently had the pleasure of planning an absolutely gorgeous wedding with Ashley and David. Photographed by Jennifer, and entertainment provided by DJ Lanier, the day was incredible!

Ashley and David gathered 105 of their closest loved ones to witness their stunning love story as they tied the knot at The Castaways within this Burbank, California wedding.

Here at Rose Petal Events, we love creating dream wedding to come true for our couples. That’s why we have put together a few highlights of this gorgeous wedding at The Castaways in Burbank, California that we planned for Ashley and David. If you are in search of a little wedding inspiration, be sure to keep reading to discover more:


  • The lovely ceremony. Ashley and David performed their ceremony in The Castaway’s charming gazebo. In order to create a truly romantic setting, blue ribbon, white linens, and dazzling white blooms were used to create a beautiful altar. Above their altar, a stunning arrangement of white blooms helped further the romantic setting. For an added touch of elegance, an intricate chandelier was placed behind the gazebo, creating an exquisite ceremony ambiance.


  • The delicious dessert bar. Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? For this lovely couple’s dessert bar, a grand, golden display was featured, with mouthwatering treats. From golden stands to a mirror featuring an inspiring and amorous message, a selection of treats was presented for Ashley and David’s loved ones.


  • The delectable cake. Their wedding cake was a three tiered, golden exhibit of delectable sweetness. They skipped the traditional bride and groom topper and added a personal touch to the topper, their initials. These treats were not only delicious, but also beautiful.


  • The stunning reception. Then, it was time for fun, speeches, toasts, and so much more. The reception tables provided guests with a gorgeous setting, darling blue cloth napkins, candles setting the perfect mood, and gorgeous centerpieces. These tall centerpieces were composed of white hydrangeas and roses, sitting atop a sparkling clear vase. It was certainly eye catching


  • Mr. & Mrs. Table. Their bride and groom table was also truly stunning. With a gorgeous view behind them, and an elegant chandelier hanging above them, the lovely couple sat comfortably in fashionable, white chairs. This bride and groom table also featured a lavish floral arrangement, as well as a golden “Mr & Mrs” sign. It was truly a charming and romantic display for this newlywed couple.

This was certainly exquisite and gorgeous Burbank, California wedding. We were honored to plan this wedding for a truly amazing couple. Here at Rose Petal Events, we want to help you plan your own big day. If you are tying the knot with your soul mate and want to have your wedding dream come to life, be sure to contact us today to plan with a Los Angeles wedding planner.