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Do you know how to honor loved ones within your big day?

rose-petal-events-01-23-17 Although your wedding is a special day to celebrate the commitment that you and your partner are making to one another, it is also heartfelt to honor your loved ones. Within almost every big day, there is a special person who you wish were there to attend, whether it be a grandparent, friend or even a pet.

However, even though loved ones may not be there physically with you on such an important day in your life, they can be spiritually and within memorabilia.

Here at Rose Petal Events, we know just how important your family is to you. That’s why we have gathered some creative ways for you to incorporate loved ones into your wedding. If you are curious of ways to be unique, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

  • Create a photo table. What better way to remember a loved one than through photos? From family photos of you with your special friends or family members, to photos of them by themselves, your guests will surely appreciate the gesture that you put forth to honor them. Create gorgeous frames that tie into your overall wedding theme, for a cohesive appearance. You can also adorn the table with the favorite flowers of your loved ones, to make it even more special and personal.
  • Wear jewelry. Jewelry is one of the main items that is passed down through generations, so what better way to honor a loved one than by wearing a piece of theirs? If your grandmother had a gorgeous necklace, that would be the perfect choice! And as the groom, you can even wear a passed down watch or pocket watch. Also, consider a pendant as well, as you can include a photo within it. Jewelry can also serve as your “something old” for the big day too.
  • Ceremony acknowledgements. When creating your wedding ceremony program, you can add a tribute to honor and acknowledge your loved ones and the happiness that they brought into your life. It is also a great idea to have a moment of silence within your reception as a remembrance, and while this happens, consider lighting candles, as it is a traditional and beautiful way to honor people who have had such a strong meaning within your life.

Weddings are so precious, and know that even if everyone you wish could attend your big day is unable to, there is always a way to incorporate them! Here at Rose Petal Events, we want to inspire your big day to be the best that it can be. If you are seeking a wedding planner in California, be sure to contact us today.


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