Top tips on tipping your wedding vendors – Part 4

Rose Petal Events 09-26-16 Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life, therefore, you will want each and every aspect of it to reflect your interests and visions as a couple. As you plan your wedding, in order to bring all of the elements together, you will need to hire wedding vendors.

The wedding vendors you hire for your big day will actually be the people who tie everything together in a beautiful way. From your florist to your caterers, your vendors will each be bringing their own special service to your wedding, and therefore, they should receive their own special tip as a way to show that you appreciate the effort that they put into your day.

In the conclusion of our four-part series of blog articles, describing wedding vendors and how much you should tip them, Rose Petal Events has gathered just a few more of the top wedding vendors, and their appropriate gratuity amounts. So, be sure to continue reading to learn even more about tipping your big day vendors:

  • Photographer/Videographer. Every Bride and Groom will want to remember their wedding day, therefore, they will hire a photographer to capture all of the gorgeous highlights throughout photographs, and a videographer, who will film their entire day, as a way to visually reflect back on all of the memories. Seeing as these vendors will be present during each aspect of your wedding, you should consider tipping them 10% - 15% for their extra special services.
  • Reception site. The location you choose for your wedding reception will be where all of the fun happens. As your guests drink and dance the night away, in a gorgeous venue, you should consider paying your reception site $1.00 - $5.00 per guest, for creating a great setting for your big day.
  • Valet parking attendants. Nothing is worse than circling around a parking lot, or driving up and down a street, trying to find a place to park. Not only can locating a parking space become frustrating, but it can also take time away from you guests enjoying your big day, or even cause them to be late. Hiring valet parking attendants is certainly a great way to keep your guests feeling at ease as they arrive to your wedding, so you should certainly consider tipping your attendants $0.50 - $1.00 per car. Oftentimes, it is easiest to prearrange an amount with the valet supervisor, based on your total estimate of cars attending your wedding, and, if this happens, you will want to be sure to notify your guests that gratuity has already been taken care of, so that they do not feel obligated to pay.

Hiring your wedding vendors is already a big task, as you want to ensure that you find the perfect ones for your big day, so tipping them can just add to the stress. Take ease in knowing that there are professionals to assist you with your planning, providing you with the ability to be at ease and enjoy your wedding, and that is exactly our goal here at Rose Petal Events. To plan your California wedding to perfection, be sure to contact us, as we would be honored to help.

Say "Yes!" to hiring a wedding planner

Rose Petal Events 08-22-16 - 1 As you plan your wedding, you will be making a multitude of decisions: flowers, venue and every little detail of your wedding day schedule are just a few of the tasks that you will be handling. Then, you will have the scheduling of meetings with videographers, photographers and caterers, let alone trying to decide on which of these companies would work best for your wedding day personally.

Planning your wedding should be an enjoyable experience, not an overwhelming burden. Hiring a wedding planner is like having an extremely experienced assistant, whose number one priority is to help you plan your wedding, stress free, making sure that it goes off without a hitch!

Here at Rose Petal Events, we understand what it takes to plan a wedding, which is why we have gathered the top tips as to why you should utilize a wedding planner for your big day, so be sure to continue reading to gain some knowledge:

  • Practice makes perfect. As you plan an event, such as your wedding, you will want to ensure that each and every aspect of it turns out perfectly. If you want your wedding to fulfill your vision entirely, you will have to consider all of the options that are available to you, which can certainly be an overwhelming task. When you hire a wedding planner, you can let a load off of your shoulders and have faith in knowing that they have planned a myriad of weddings…as they say, practice makes perfect!
  • Stick to your budget. Deciding on your flowers, dress, venue, caterer and all of the other details of your wedding, the total cost of everything can certainly build at a quickly terrifying rate. By the time you have everything you want for your wedding on paper, you could have easily tripled your budget. When you choose to utilize a wedding planner, you can have comfort in knowing that they will keep your costs within your overall budget, as well as possibly save you some money, as planners oftentimes have close connections with various wedding vendors.
  • Stress-free. Your engagement is the beginning of the rest of your life with your partner, so it most certainly should not be a time filled with stress. There can be an overwhelming amount of stress when it comes to planning and handling all the chaos of a wedding, so let your wedding planner take some of the weight off of your shoulders and handle the nitty gritty of all of the planning details!

Rose Petal Events 08-22-16 - 2

  • Dreams become reality. Your wedding day is such an important day, so why let a beginner try and plan it? A wedding planner knows how to successfully plan a dream wedding, and bring a couple’s visions to life. Maybe you seek a certain flower, theme or color, but you do not know how to bring all of the details together beautifully…take ease, and know that your planner will be able to create each aspect that you seek, allowing your dreams to become reality.

Overwhelming is such an understatement when it comes to describing the stress that planning a wedding can cause. Here at Rose Petal Events, we understand what it takes to plan a picture perfect wedding with ease. If you are now engaged and beginning to plan your big day, be sure to contact us, as we would love to bring your California wedding dreams to reality.