Often Forgotten Wedding Purchases

Los Angeles Wedding Planners

It’s no surprise that weddings cost money! Each detail, from your linens that top your tables, to the flowers that comprise your arrangements, will come with a price tag. Therefore, you will certainly want to create a budget for your big day!

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However, with many details that will need to be purchased, it could be all too easy to overlook some of them.

We understand just how important it is to plan your wedding budget to perfection! That’s why, here at Rose Petal Events, as Los Angeles wedding planners, we have comprised some wedding purchases that are often forgotten. If you would like to discover what these purchases are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Postage. When creating budgets for wedding stationery, couples often overlook postage! It’s important to remember that stationery companies will present you with all of your necessary items, from your invitations to your envelopes. However, postage is an additional fee that you will have to purchase. So, be sure to include the cost of stamps within your own stationery budget!

  • Alterations. Your wedding dress will be a big part of your big day! You will discover your dream gown, which will then be created in your size. However, in order for it to fit to perfection, you will most likely need to have alterations completed. It’s important to keep in mind that alterations will be an additional cost on top of the initial purchase of your gown, and typically range from $300 - $700 depending on what you will need to have completed. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you budget extra for alterations, if needed.

  • Gratuities. You will hire an array of wedding vendors to bring your big day to life. And, while you will pay them for their services, you should also consider tipping them as well! After all, they will be going above and beyond to ensure that their services are presented to perfection for your celebration. So, make sure that you incorporate gratuities into your wedding budget!

No detail should be forgotten when it comes to your wedding budget! These are just a few purchases that you will want to ensure that you don’t forget when it comes to yours.

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If you are ready to create your own budget and big day with a wedding planner in Los Angeles, California, please get in touch with us here at Rose Petal Events! We believe that every wedding should be a spectacular experience, and would be pleased with the opportunity to ensure that yours is.


Photo Credit: Jennifer Trinidad Photography