Top Financial Benefits of Being Married

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If you are getting married, we are incredibly excited for you! Not only do you get to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate, but you will receive other benefits in life as well.

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Are you aware of the many financial benefits of being married?

We believe that every couple should get the most out of their marriage! That’s why, here at Rose Petal Events, as Los Angeles wedding planners, we have comprised some of the top financial benefits of being married. If you would like to discover what these benefits are, be sure to continue reading, to gain some great insight:

  • Social Security. Now that you and your partner are married, know that you can receive your spouse’s social security benefits, if either of you don’t quality for your own. In addition, know that you even receive Medicare, veterans, military, disability, and pension plan benefits through your spouse. So, be sure to take advantage of these benefits if you can!

  • Car Insurance. We all need car insurance, whether you are married or not. However, once you tie the knot, know that your car insurance rates will drop! In fact, car insurance companies feel as though once you are married, you are more responsible, which is why they present you with better rates. Therefore, call your car insurance company, and see the benefits that you could receive!

  • Taxes. Filing taxes is something we all have to do each year. However, now that you are married, you will file taxes jointly with your partner. By doing so, you can deduct two exemption amounts from your income, as well as qualify for various tax credits. In addition, know that you can also transfer an unlimited amount of assets to your spouse at any time, free from tax!

Getting the most out of your marriage is certainly of importance! These are just a few financial benefits that you should keep in mind if you are now married.

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If you are ready to plan your own big day with a wedding planner in Los Angeles, California, please get in touch with us here at Rose Petal Events! We are always thrilled to create such wonderful events, and would be pleased with the opportunity to do the same with you.