Create Your First Dance to Be Even More Memorable

first dance

The very first dance you share together as a newlywed couple will occur during your wedding reception. This dance, compared to any other, should be planned with care, as all eyes will be on you as you take the stage.

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Such a special dance deserves to stand out from the rest, and certainly impress your guests! Don’t you agree?

We believe that every first dance between a newlywed couple should be memorable! That’s why, here at Rose Petal Events, we have gathered some ways in which you can create yours to leave a long-lasting impression with your guests. If you are curious to learn how, be sure to continue reading:

  • Choose your song with care. The song you choose for your first dance is what will set the tone for such a memorable event. With many genres and songs that fill the world, it may be a difficult task to decide on just one for your special dance. First, you will want to consider the lyrics. Choose a song with words that showcase your love for one another and the relationship you have built together. In addition, the rhythm should be something you are comfortable moving to. The right song will create the best ambience!
  • Practice makes perfect. Even if you and your partner are avid dancers, practice will certainly help to prepare you for your first dance. Consider choreography lessons, to create a dance that is unique to your big day. In addition, practice at home together, so that you know the best way to flow with one another with ease. All eyes will be on you as you hit the dance floor. Therefore, practicing will allow you to have confidence and own this special moment.
  • Add some pizzazz. Once you have chosen the perfect song and practiced, ensuring every move will be perfectly presented, it’s time to add some flair to your dance! With the use of lights, such as spotlights, you can add elegance and keep all your guest’s eyes on you. Also, for a little extra pizzazz, consider the use of a fog or bubble machine, to add some whimsy.

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Your first dance should be anything but lackluster! With these tips, you can create yours to be one to remember. If you are ready to work with a Los Angeles wedding planner, please contact us here at Rose Petal Events. We look forward to the opportunity to develop your Los Angeles, California wedding.


Photo Source: - Dance2016