Incorporate these memorable trends into your big day


Rose Petal Events 10-31-16

Your memories of your wedding day and the amazing way you felt as you walked down the aisle should be unique and truly memorable, as this is your special day to shine! However, as you plan your wedding, it can be easy to draw a blank or fail to develop ideas, putting your planning at a halt.

A wonderful way to find inspiration for your big day is to look at some of the current trends. Of course, wedding trends are volatile and we would not necessarily advise anyone to strictly follow them. However, we do believe that trends are a huge source of inspiration, especially if you are seeking your wedding to be unique and stylish.

Here at Rose Petal Events, we know what it takes to create a beautifully unique wedding, which is why we have gathered a few of the most popular and memorable wedding trends for you to view, so be sure to continue reading for some delightful inspiration:

  • Natural photos. While posed photos are beautiful, it is a great idea to avoid thoroughly-planned photography and hire someone who can take natural, spontaneous pictures of your entire big day. Natural photos will appear purer, as they will feel more personal and definitely more candid, for a personal appeal.
  • Naked cakes. Lose the cake frosting and allow your wedding cake to shine in all of its rustically beautiful glory with a naked cake! Naked cakes are all the rage at the moment as well, and for good reason too! Not only are naked wedding cakes amazing in appearance, but they are more than special and they taste really great too, without globs of frosting or thick fondant covering them up. So, be inspired with their beauty and opt for an uncommonly tasty treat.
  • Lace and metallic. Want a wedding gown that shines with femininity and elegance? Metallic shades and lacy designs are extremely fashionable right now, along with appearing absolutely timeless as well. Dress yourself in silver, copper or gold accents and add a dash of grace and beauty with some lace, and you will certainly look incredibly breathtaking!

Seeing as each love story is different, every wedding should be as well, so be sure to create yours to stand out from the rest! Here at Rose Petal Events, we strive to allow your personalities to shine through within your big day, so be sure to contact us today to begin planning your California wedding.


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