How to Include Your Mother in Your Wedding Planning

Your mother is a big part of your life!


Not only has she guided you through your entire life, but she will also be there throughout your future, as you start your new life together with you husband, and create your own family.

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With your wedding being such an important milestone within your life, surely you will want your mother by your side to contribute to such a heartfelt occasion.

Here at Rose Petal Events, we believe that important members of your family should be involved within your wedding. That’s we have gathered some ways in which you can include your mother in yours. If you are interested in learning what these ways are, be sure to continue reading for some great ideas:

  • Bring her along. You will take part in many wedding planning appointments to create your big day. To include your mother, consider asking her to join you for some of your appointments, such as the development of your floral arrangements. She can assist you in creating your décor, choosing the best blooms, and deciding on a color scheme.
  • Take some time for her. As the mother of the bride, your mother will want to look her best on your wedding day. You can set a day aside to take her shopping to find her dress, shoes, and accessories. This will show her that you care to spend time with her and also want the best for her on your big day.
  • Let her plan. Before the wedding, you will have a rehearsal dinner. Your mother can be given the task of hosting the rehearsal dinner. This will allow her to feel as though she is greatly contributing to such a wonderful event, and will also allow her to take the reins with her own planning, rather than involve herself too much with the planning of your wedding.

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Seeing as your mother is such an important person in your life, surely you will want to incorporate her within your wedding planning. These a just a few of the ways in which you can. If you are all set to hire your Los Angeles, California wedding planner, please feel free to get in touch with us here at Rose Petal Events. We look forward to the opportunity to be your Los Angeles wedding planner.



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