These Fall flower trends will have your wedding floral arrangements looking gorgeous

1 It is the most naturally artistic time of year, the leaves are changing colors, the weather is starting to chill and the floral landscapes look like a forest of fire…Let’s also not forget that you are getting married! Seeing as you will want your wedding to be beautiful, you should consider capturing the essence of Fall in your floral arrangements, to transform your big day into the ultimate seasonal beauty.

As you recite your vows to your partner and your guests toast to your good fortune and long future, add a sense of warmth and comfort to your atmosphere by incorporating the elements of Fall into your wedding floral arrangements. If you are you are curious as to how the season of Fall can be created within your wedding flowers, then you are in luck, as Rose Petal Events has gathered the top tips to help inspire your big day, so be sure to continue reading for ideas:

  • Elements of texture. A truly unique quality about Fall is the amazing textures it produces. Do not be afraid to use textures within your floral arrangements that you may think are odd, because they can actually really set your arrangements apart from the more common visuals. You can try using velvety foliage, silky tulips, baby’s breath or even red willow to bring a unique element of texture to every arrangement. So, to capture the essence of Fall within your floral arrangements, it is important to choose flowers that have a noticeable texture to them, and do not forget about the foliage too!
  • Deep and rich hues. The first thing that many people think of when they hear the word autumn is the collection of brightly colored leaves that now top our trees. To really convey your Fall theme in your floral arrangements, rich hues are a must. Those beautiful reds, coppers, orange, tangerines, yellows, and mahogany colored flowers, such as sunflowers, peonies, mums and dahlias, will immediately portray a Fall décor in a beautiful way.
  • Displays of beauty. A glass vase is fine for those roses or daisies that adorn a Spring or Summer wedding, but when it comes to Fall décor, they lack that autumn pizzazz that really helps it convey the season. You have quite a bit of freedom when it comes to your container, so it may be helpful to try a few out and see what best suits your style. A few popular containers are copper pots, wooden boxes and wicker baskets, but if you are feeling really daring, you can try a more natural vase, such as a pumpkin filled with oasis foam or even hollowed out gourds.

Although creating Fall floral arrangements can be a little more challenging than your average Spring or Summer wedding arrangements, the beauty and uniqueness makes it worth it. Here at Rose Petal Events, we pride ourselves on planning weddings to meet each and every one of our couple’s visions, so be sure to contact us today so that we can begin planning your California big day.