How to Choose the Members of Your Bridal Party

Your bridal party will consist of many bridesmaids and groomsmen.

bridal party

The people who comprise your bridal party will be your closest friends and family members, and should be chosen with care. Not only will they stand beside you on your big day, as you vow your love to your partner, but they will also be there to assist you throughout your entire wedding planning process.

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There may be many people who you would like to choose to join you as you marry your soulmate. However, are you aware of how you should go about choosing them?

Here at Rose Petal Events, we understand that each member of your bridal party has an important role to fulfill. That’s why we have gathered some tips to assist you in choosing yours. If you would like to know what these tips are, feel free to continue reading to learn more:

  • How many. First off, you will want to determine how many bridesmaids and groomsmen you would like to have. Smaller weddings typically have smaller bridal parties, and vice versa for larger events. Also, it is said that your bridal party should consist of no more than ten members. However, it is your big day, and you are free to have as many members as you would like.
  • Don’t feel guilty. Your wedding day is a day for you and your partner. It is all about you, and you should do whatever makes you happy. Therefore, don’t feel obligated to ask anyone to be a part of your bridal party out of guilt. If you were a part of someone else’s wedding, that doesn’t mean that they must be a part of yours.
  • Deciding. Choosing people to stand beside you on your big day isn’t always an easy task, especially if you have many friends. Narrow down your options to your closest relatives, such as siblings, and friends that you feel you have the best bond with. From there, you will then need to determine who should be your Maid of Honor and Best Man. However, if you are at a loss as to who you should choose, know that these titles don’t have to be fulfilled, as everyone can just remain a member of the bridal party.

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You will, of course, only want to choose the people who are closest to you to comprise your bridal party. These are just a few tips to assist you in doing so. If you are ready to begin working with a Los Angeles wedding planner, please contact us here at Rose Petal Events. We look forward to creating your Los Angeles, California wedding.


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